Renascence Reports
Vol. 1, No. 10
page: 8 - July 1979

From the perspective of 28 years:

The Renascence Project started a process - a process it never “completed.” This period was iteration1 of what was to become the MG Taylor Corporation and the many organizations and projects which have spun out of it. Several iterations later we are still trying to get it right and perhaps we are beginning to.

Renascence was - and MG Taylor is - a push-pull venture. Alternatives to conventional ways of thinking and doing things are offered to the market of ideas and commerce. When one of these ideas is supported more energy and money is put in to it. When an idea is not supported, the idea is not given up - it is stored and reinvented when the time is appropriate. This involves listening to market feedback in a radically different way then most businesses do. The feedback is on the when and the how, and to some extent on the what - but not about the core idea itself unless real evidence shows it to be wrong or no longer necessary. Many ideas that Renascence pioneered are becoming commonplace in community development, architecture, the organic food business and healthcare today. Many remain obscure and some under developed. None are forgotten.

Xanadu was conceived 16 years before Renascence. The Project, itself, was the second attempt to manifest my 1958 vision - not the first. MG Taylor Corporation, the DesignShop and navCenter grew out of Renascence as a requirement to accomplish complex systemic projects. A network of navCenters is necessary to support Xanadu. Today, 25 years after the first MGT Center, over thirty of these are in some stage of development from birth to success to rebirth to dying. I believe it will take 100 healthy Centers, extensively networked, to reach a minimum critical mass. Click on the Xanadu graphic to go to a matrix which shows many of these projects and where they are in their life cycle. Many of the ideas came first. This lead us to building the how. Now, ideas, projects and capacities are merging and self reinforcing. People used to ask if I was succeeding or failing with these ventures. These are the wrong questions. Mr Wright said it best [link: ask in 50 years]. Renascence started in 1974 with my ReDesigning the Future Course. Ask again in 2024.
posted: August 2, 2005 • updated April 30, 2010
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