Renascence Reports
Vol. 1, No. 10
page: 1 - July 1978

From the perspective of 32 years:

The Renascence Project was an experiment from the beginning to the end. It also was a product of the 1970s and the concerns of that period. The ideas which grew out of the 70s, and the Renascence Project are just as relevant today (2010 as of this posting) as then. There exists many more tools today for bringing these ideas to market. It is not clear to me if there is the will.

What we did not know, in the late 1970s, was that the two generational time lag from the birth of an idea to full implementation would hold to this day. I discuss this in my Future By design Not Default paper [link: future by design]. Still, that said, it is difficult for me to comprehend that solutions like Domicile, which I am discussing with Bucky at the bottom of this page, and Ecosphere would remain un-realized to this day. Rationally, I can see why. Emotionally, I am stunned.

What came out of the Renascence Project for me was the realization that an entirely new kind of management was required for the 21st Century. The seeds of this were already planted in this newsletter [link: renascence reports column 1 #5 p3] yet it was not until well into the MG Taylor experience that the models emerged to build the kind of organization capable of an appropriate response [link: valueweb architecture].

Bucky and I, shocking many in the room who had gathered to hear us, clashed vigorously over the issue of community built Domiciles. He liked the design but thought the manufacturing to be beyond the skills of a community. I did not. Turned out that both of us were right and wrong. Now, a generation later, the techniques necessary to accomplish the work are ubiquitous. The domes can be made by a variety of manufacturers and a shop like AI can make the entire interior component system. A community of users can participate in this, from design to making, to the degree that they wish as the techniques and tooling are now easily transferable.

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