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The RDS capability is one of the most important in the MG Taylor System and Method. The RDS was conceived in 1983 and has been used for commercial deployments on a regular basis over the last ten years. Its primary purpose of helping communities, in catastrophic circumstances, rebuild themselves into healthy and sustainable cultures is yet to be realized. Recent deployments and other developments indicate that this primary use is about to become realized.
This Index provides links to various URLs that describe the RDS history and various aspects of its purpose, methods and application.
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With Boulder era Notebook pages and current annotations, the original concept is presented including the story of the first RDS deployment for the FAA. There is a great deal of history in this telling and the seeds of many things that followed can be found in these original documents. This idea was birthed “whole” and I think there is little to be changed today.
Version 1,5 of the RDS Concept Paper, with new notations, defining mission, roles, partnerships, typical deployments, budgets, measures of success. This is the most updated description of the CONCEPT.
Opportunities, challenges and configuration of the RDS.
Innovation Studio
@ Davos
Aspen Room use for 05 AM.
ValueWeb structure for deployments, governance processes and program sponsorship are described. Business and social contracts are outlined.
These five articles, together, constitute a fairly comprehensive introduction to the RDS concept, its history and present opportunities. They also indicate a PROGRAM, a path, for bringing the RDS into full reality as envisioned in 1983. This capability is central to the MG Taylor agenda and for creating solutions for the Worthy Problems [link]. It is a project, however, that is bigger than myself and MG Taylor. It will take a ValueWeb to make this happen and to sustain it. Gail and I conceived the idea back in the early days of MG Taylor’s birth. MG Taylor has kept this THERE in mind and brought some piece of it to HERE at every opportunity that has presented itself. Now, a level of critical mass is building. A window of opportunity exists. Quo Vatis?
Matt Taylor
October 23, 2004


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posted: October 23, 2004

revised: October 24, 2004
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(note: this document is about 75% finished)

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