by MagicWindow
The first piece of the 1982 [link] technology dream. A full multimedia and video conferencing system in a rolling WorkWall unit.
The screen above the keyboard is a high resolution flat screen. On the right a large interactive white board.
The keyboard folds out. Speakers below - video camera on top of the wall. For close up video work there is a small “eyeball” video camera built into the unit above the keyboard.
The back side of the unit has swing-out drawers for plug and play technology configurations. The technology can be upgraded and reconfigured as required; the furniture form-factor can be used for years.
The keyboard folds up when not in use.The entire unit can be folded up while “live,” unplugged, and moved to another location while running on battery power, plugged in and the session continued. Everything, with the exception of power, can be run wireless.
The back side of the unit has standard AI WorkWalls.
The History of MagicWindow and how it was built and first used is an example of rapid-prototyping “on demand.”
The “why” of MagicWindow is another story. A typical video conference set up places you in a room with poor lighting, seating inadequate for dialog (distance, geometry, and so on), facing unfriendly technology - a strange combination of overbearing, intrusive, in-your-face, functionality and unimpressive presence. You proceed to have a completely unnatural conversation with a low resolution “talking head” facsimile of someone as uncomfortable as you are. People then wonder why the “technology doesn’t work.”
MagicWindow is wireless and comes to you. While technologically robust, it employs a modest footprint. It can be set up as a “member” of your group. It uses a high resolution technology. It has presence. It is a friendly artifact that fits into your environment. You do not conform to it, it supports your work. It moves as you move and adjusts to your work habits and circumstance. It “gets out of the way” when not in use. It serves several functions: server, video conferencing, video display, multimedia editing work station, entertainment center, classic WorkWall®. Its scale makes it equally fit for office, home office, RDS or home environments.
MagicWindow is one tool of Remote Presence and Remote Collaboration. These processes involve an integrated way of working that does not impose old habits on new technology nor new technology on natural, effective work processes.
Link: Remote Presence and Collaboration
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Matt Taylor
Palo Alto
November 11, 1999

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posted: November 11, 1999

revised: July 12, 2003
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note: this document is 95% finished

Copyright© Matt Taylor 1999, 2000, 2003

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MagicWindow is Patent pending.

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