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Extended Family - Work/Living Integration

for background on this concept see
2000 Architectural Projects

Every dollar spent is a vote in the market place. The market response is to do more of whatever we purchase. When we live in substandard environments, that cost too much for what they do, that are ecologically dangerous, by business terms that promote old ways, we VOTE for a market that is inimical to our personal and professional interests. We reinforce the world as it is with our resources - resources that are then used to defeat what we want to do.

Lets change the game and provide ourselves a much better life.

Beyond “voting” in the market place, we can create a place that server meets our requirements and explicitly expresses our values by using our personal environment dollars in a corporate way. We can create, over a period of time, a true work of art to live in and a place to work when we are not directly engaged with the Taylor Enterprises.

The complex is divided into commons and individual spaces on the vertical axis and private, semiprivate and “public” on the horizontal axis. This provides a conceptual schema that can be translated into the architectural means for seamlessly providing a high level of individual privacy with easy access to common facilities that themselves are placed on a continuum of family to invited guest use.

The zones are separated by distance, landscape and architectural elements yet flow together as one integrated compound. The architectural grammar allows exact fine tuning of the interface between each intersection of zone segments.

The construction method allow for easy expansion as time dictates and creates a complex that will blend into the landscape and require minimal maintenance. Sustainable materials and energy strategies are intrinsic to the concept. Once paid for, the economic demands of this building are very low.

Matt Taylor
Palo Alto
January 9, 2000

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Posted: January 9, 2001

Revised: January 16, 2001
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