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The integration of environment, work processes and augmentation tools is the heart of the “Taylor” way-of-working. It is an invention and it is in Patent Pending. This required the development of a language so that the ideas-in-focus could be shared in common by a community-of-work.

Three diagrams outline the essence of key aspects of this work:

The Scope of the Invention.

The basic process architecture of the Invention.

An example of the Language applied to and describing one part of the Invention as an example of the Language.

A one sentence definition of the Patent is: “A functional patent that describes the tool set, work processes, environments -as an integrated system - necessary for augmenting complex emergent systems (humans, teams, ValueWebs, technical infrastructures) as an economy.”

A Manual is in progress. It is being first written on the level of Pattern Language. The entire System and Method will be described from that perspective which is deemed the most useful level for immediate widespread application.

This Manual will be made available to MG Taylor License holders and will be used in certification education sessions. In time, certain parts of it will be published on the Web for general access.


...A Way of Working:

Creating and “installing” a new way of working has consumed our focus for 25 years. This involves making a new OS for human work groups. It involves creating OS-like elements applicable to any smart/intelligent system.

The essence of this way of working is the performance of iterative cycles of work with feedback from each work iteration and at least one level of recursion “above” and “below” the work in focus. The language of this work process, provides 6 levels of terms from the descriptive to algorithm and “code.” Therefore, the work process can be employed, with minimal interface barriers, by humans of various levels of experience and “smart” systems (agents) of various kinds. The method employs a practice of memory that embodies all the agents of a system in a seamless, integrated “state-based” experience.

The scope of the invention includes - at the core - the integration of environments, processes and cybernetic tools and extends this agent-based approach into the realms of value definition and exchange, the transportation (and thus, tranformation) of ideas and goods and a systematic process for making intellectual capital.

This results in the integration of the elements (agents) required to move from an idea to the creation of value in a market (of agents) and blends these elements into a singular work process held together by a common language and experience shared by a wide variety of agent-types.

By employing this language and the associated processes, it is possible, in practical work, to bridge the existing gaps, between economics and ecology, human and machine, individual and society, immediate time and long range, micro and macro scales, conceptual and specific application that prior systems of work impose as an integral aspect of their architecture.

There is no other known System and Method that was designed, as a basis of it’s structure, that does this.

This opens the way for individuals, work groups and organizations to deal with the requisite variety problem (Weiner, Asby, Beer), the complexity of modern enterprises and their interaction with global systems (human and nature-made), and the rapid state-changes emanating from emergent phenomena.

MG Taylor, AI, knOwhere and our joint venture partners are designing, manufacturing and delivering a suite of tools necessary for the practical employment of this way of working. To every degree possible, these are provided in four modes that provide economical and practical accessibility to everyone. The four modes are: 1) as an idea (books, papers, web sites, design sessions, etc.); 2) As a design or plan (templates, plans, specifications and other technical descriptions); 3) as components (WorkFurniture, KnowledgeWorkers, software, access to our spaces and tools, etc.); 4) as a system - turnkey (complete systems, environments and processes).

MG Taylor, AI, knOwhere and our joint venture partners provide a wide variety of products and services based on this work which are made available through many venues. The IP is also Licensed under certain conditions.

The principle way, however, that this work process is made available is through ValueWeb communities that are assembled (using the methods) for a specific reason (profit and nonprofit) to create human capital in a defined opportunity arena. A new way of working, thus, translates into a new model of enterprise to create value in a new economy.

This medium of distribution is consistent with the originating MG Taylor mission and the purposes for which we created the enterprise in the first place.

Starting the fourth quarter of 2001, I will conduct a seminar every Friday evening I am in Palo Alto, for active ValueWeb members, on the theory and application of this invention.


Matt Taylor
May 19, 1999

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(note: this document is about 20% finished)

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