MG Taylor Mission

1980 to 2002

The company, Taylor Associates, which is now MG Taylor was form in 1979 and began full operations in 1980. At one point, between late 1982 and mid 1995 it was owned by another company. MG Taylor, itself, have been through a number of mutations and re-incorporation exercises and has created a number of subsidiary ventures such as AI and knOwhere.


Over these 22 years despite many fluctuations of markets and the rapid transformation of technology and the economy, MG Taylor has remained true to it’s originating mission and the strategy of how to bring it about.


Now, in late 2001, both the mission and strategy are about to “escape to a higher order.” The essence remains the same. The expression will reflect the changes that has taken place of the 22 years. After this state change, everything will be different. And yet, much will be the same.


Clarity about this history is important because in the phase transition certain DNA can be lost unless it remains in focus. How people remember the experience of the last 22 years will be critical to the result.


Organizations, like people tend to repress what was painful in their past and this distorts the story of what happened and why. In cases like this it is best to go back to the original documents and include them in the dialog that is shaping both memories of the past and decisions about the future.


One of the things that sets MG Taylor apart from most ventures is the unprecedented clarity about future conditions and requirements and how this was responded to with a systematic development process that employed old economy assets to make an new one.


This would not be important except for one thing. It is a major foundation point of this venture that this is precisely what society needs to do in order to deal with the complexity and rate-of-change that it faces. Not to understand the real story of how MG Taylor developed is to miss the major point why it was created and why it did what it did at a variety of crossroads. If this history is distorted by the lens of today, major aspects will be lost.


MG Taylor choose to establish itself as a business because it is in this environment that the rubber hits the road. Business is associated with the 7th Phase of the Creative Process. Employing this venue from the beginning forced us to earn our own way every day - over 42 million in revenues to date. This lead to a utilization strategy and rapid prototyping method that otherwise could have never been “enforced” in a largely free and open social enterprise. Unfortunately, we have been judged as a business and that facts outputs incorrect conclusions. It has only been in the last few years that the convergence of all the factors necessary for a financially successful business enterprise have come together. It is only been in the last few months that the factors have existed for the kind of business were are to be seriously considered for partnering and investment.





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