post Usonian Project
Design Development
We have to get well into Design Development [link] with the first postUsonian design in order to produce a credible study plan [link] and to know what the cost-time parameters of a prototype will be.
Design Development for the VCH Executive Offices [link], once we had the final floor plan determined, took about three months. The complexity of this project and a postUsonian are about the same. This means that a basic concept of the building has to be articulated by mid june (2004) if we are to accomplish our September 16th objective of having a publishable Study Plan. It is a safe estimate that there will be about $50,000 in time, fees and costs to get the project to this point. At $150 a Study Plan [link], we will have to distribute 334 of them to recapture the costs of getting the first design to this point. After the prototype, of course, we can produce the the Design/Build Manual [link] which will contain the detailed cutting lists, with manufacturing/building sequencing schedules, and time and material costs for each aspect of the project. This Manual, will be adequate for a single owner to make their own house (with the addition of a site plan and consideration of local conditions) and/or for a local architect-builder team to economically perform tradition services on an owner’s behalf - or, for a developer to build one speculatively. The Manual will assume the Swimming Pool Method [link] to the maximum degree feasible for an owner-built one-off effort. A turn-key effort on the part of the postUsonian ValueWeb [link], Renascence Homes [link], will employ this method to a far greater degree [link]. In areas of production density (such as a geographic area or when a subdivision of postUsonians are planned [link]) the full method can be employed and the increasing returns [link] accomplished that will radically reduce costs.
The model is like a boat that has been designed so that is can be owner-built, built by a local shop or built my the manufacturer that designed it in the first place. This model has been successfully employed by the modern boat building industry [link].
The Usonian One prototype has to be designed so that it can successfully accommodate the full production range between a local one-off construction project, employing common tooling, all the way to component fabrication in a manufacturing facility and shipping to a remote site and employing appropriate local finish by the owner or ValueWeb contractor crews. The Design Development work has to to “solve” for the problems associated with this range of building means. The WorkConservatory project will prototype [link] a great number of these procedures and protocols [link].
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Matt Taylor
April 21, 2004


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