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Matt, circa April 2000 with the Xanadu Project sketch.

Matt was conceived in the Hotel Del Coronado, January 1938 with fabrication completed September of that year.

Xanadu was conceived 1959, drawn in 2001 - full fabrication is still pending.


Matt, circa January 2001 with the Bay Area Studio Project sketch drawn the year before.

The Bay Area Studio is based on a 1961 concept - it was planned for 2004 fabrication however client work load and lack of a site has delayed this work.


Picture taken for WEF meeting at Davos, circa January 2001.

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Picture taken at WEF Davos 2001 by Olivero Todcani of Gail and myself at a party for the Fellows.

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Copies from photographer only.

© Oliviero Toscani 2001 • +3924980720

Picture taken April 2001 with drawing of AI Armature and Foundation 2 WorkFurniture system. Design by Bill Blackburn, Paul Lyons and Matt Taylor - 1999.

all of the components shown are now (2004) realized.

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Picture taken September 2004 at Geneva workshop Reinventing Davos.

Copies from photographer only.

© Andrea Guida • •

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Updated September 10, 2004