Thinking Green
RDS & Club de Madrid
Advancing the Global Agenda

I will address ten subjects in my remarks:


My assumption that Planet Earth, over the next generation, will become a human artifact.

The Mission of MG Taylor which is support transition managers in their role of facilitating transformation in their commumunites of practice.

Our work which is to build envionments made of of the physical space, the work process and the technology augmentation tool kit, that support collaboration - we call it Group Genius - and the ability to solve sytemic problems.

A quick tour of several of these envionments - we call them NaCenters - built over a 20 year period with a brief naritive of some of the complex issues that they have been part of resolving.

Introduce the RDS Concept which is a portable NavCenter that can be sent anywhere to work systemic issues and aid communities in crisis.

Discuss the WEF and Club of Madrid RDS Deployements scheduled for Davos in January and Madrid in March.

Discuss the concept of creating a Global Agenda; how this is a combination of sponaneous grass roots development and institual response; and, that both require facilitaion and support; that it is now, 30 years after we began our journey, possible to talk about bringing a Global Agenda about.

A Proposal that Planet Earth can become a work of art and a garden supporting all life in all its variety.

Propose the Master Planing Process which allow comunites on all level of recursion to take an active role in the ongoing development of Planet Earth and to be part of a better outcome than what is happening now by default and exploitation.

Propose the Gaia Project which is a process of providing Earth a VOICE in the decision process of all significant institutions.


These ten subjects introduce a condition; identify a response to this condition; describe a tool to facilitate this response; demonstrate the tool and its use; show how the tool can go mobile; note that it is being used in meetings of high profile and consequence; thus, it is now possible to consider the idea of a legitimate Global Agenda; and, to propose two candidates for that agenda: a local to global emergent planning process, and, bringing the voice of GAIA into the affairs of human kind, specifically the decision processes of major institutions. Since thinking and action cannot be separated, this is one way to think and celebrate GREEN.

Planet Earth as a Human Made Artifact

This is a process that has been going on for over 10,000 years.

The rate and scale of this in the last century has been explosive.

The next generation will “complete” this process. There are many possible outcomes ranging from disastrous to good. It is more than the work of one generation - this one is the cusp that has lasting consequences.

To change our level of impact, to “restore” earth, is still to make it a human artifact - this is one of the possible outcomes.

Humans are part of nature, even now as we appear to be destroying the landscape. Our ability to act exceeds our ability to understand and be responsible.

We can choose to be co-designers in an emergent process.

MG Taylor Mission

This mission evolved out the the context of the mid-70s.

The World is going through massive change.

A new society is emerging.

Transition Managers are emerging and taking responsibility.

The MG taylor mission is to educate, train, facilitate and support Transition Managers.

Our goal is the create a global network of Centers that support Transition Managers in their quest.

The result: the re-building of Planet Earth, as a work of art, created and enjoyed by all people.


The Work
MG Taylor


Develop new tools and processes that facilitate the ability to challenge hidden design assumptions, become requisite with change and complexity, collaborate no matter the barriers, employ GroupGenius, experience personal and organizational transformation with right-livelihood.

Create places of work, NavCenters - that are socially neutral environments that support free inquiry, design, innovation and the ability to implement, each a node in a network of such Centers which share knowledge and resources.

Develop these capabilities into products and services in a free market and sustain them through proof of concept including financial viability.

When successful, take them to scale with competent partner organizations.

Create a ValueWeb architecture that can create and sustain real wealth, serve the MISSION with integrity, co-evolve with an emergent planetary culture.

MG Taylor Enviornments
A Tour

Places of learning, play, work and collaboration.

Place that embody a new way of working.

Neutral places free of organizational constraints where new models can be conceived, tested and “tried on.”

Technically sophisticated places where ideas can be “manufactured” and taken to implementation.

Nodes in a global network.

An example tour.

The RDS Concept

Have NavCenter will travel. The capability to go where needed.

Three kinds of deployments: The everyday work of governments, corporations and communities. Global events such as the World Economic Forum. Deployments to communities in crisis.

History: conceived in 1988. From the mid-90s on many deployments doing DesignShops for government and Corporations. The WEF and Club of madrid Deployments are the first full deployments address issues on the “global agenda.” We have yet to deploy for a crises; almost for the baseball strike and the first Gulf War.

The RDS is conceived to be broadly sponsored from many sources so that its ability to deploy in a crises will not be inhibited. A business plan was written in 1988 to outline this program.

Club of Madrid Meetings

WEF has been broadening their participation and agenda over the last several Annual Meetings [link].

This year, there are two principle innovations: the RDS [link] and the Town Hall Meeting process by America Speaks. These two, while a small part of the total event will change the nature of how participants interact and collaborate [link].

The “Red Thread” process will act as a patch integration function and synthesize and feedback into the entire meeting on a real time basis.

The Club of Madrid is in response to the terrorist attack in Madrid. It will address the issue of how to have democracy and security a “catch 22,” double bind problem. Leaders from all over the world are invited to attend. It will progress in three over lapping phases: A DesignShop involving a couple of hundred working together in in three different focus areas. A seminar session with expert speakers for several hundred attendees. The last day will be on the order of a thousand in a Town Hall setting addressing all the issues that surfaced. A work product will be produced synthesizing the entire conference.

These events demonstrate that it is now possible to address global issues in open forums employing highly collaborative processes. This is a beginning, A small beginning. A step on a critical path of great importance.

Global Agenda

We should apply the precautionary principle to ideas like this.

It is being done now, largely by default and by those of narrow interests.

WEF and Club of Madrid are examples of institutions starting to respond to the circumstances society as a whole have created.

There are many “bottom up,” network based movements - these are essential for success.

The AGENDA has to be inclusive, comprehensive, emergent and a vision that incorporates the full diversity of life.

It can be the “moral equivalent to war.”

It cannot be predicted, planned or controlled; this is not an issue of simple casue and effect.

It requires projects - things for people to do. There must be celbration, successes, failures and learning. Millions have to be involve, ultimately everyone.

All life, in all it forms, has to be part of this agenda.

This requires a facilitation, “system integration” process that is neutral, non-intrusive and cannot be corrupted.

Planet Earth
as a
Work of Art
A Garden

Given the last 10,000 years and the last century, what do we do?

Leave it to the “hidden hand?”

Let Nature take her course?

Or, engage humanity in the scale of effort now given to war in the task of restoring our Planet by the artful integration of human design and graft with the processes of nature.

A garden for all life.

The two Projects outlined below suggest a way (among many ways) to advance this prospect.

Master Planning

Collaborative nodes on may recursion levels: community, bio-economic regions, the Earth.

The decline of the nation State.

A process: THERE to HERE. Visual; information bank; projects bank; non-confrontational; rules-of-engagement; networked.

Global mapping and simulation capability providing continuous feedback.

The tools are now coming into place at an affordable cost.

Many models, forms exist that we know a great deal about. Pattern language must be applied.

The results must be emergent, spontaneous, natural, high frequency-low magnitude feedback driven.

This is cybernetic, organic, PatchWorks design.

Gaia Project

The Gaia Project that has four objectives:


To study and publish the scientific and philosophical implications of the Gaia Hypothesis.


Train people to be “fair witness” Speakers for Gaia so that the voice of the planet can be brought to the affairs of humankind in a collaborative dialog.


Seek to get these Speakers placed on the boards of corporations, elected to governmental bodies (actual specified seats in Congress, as example) and participate in community level decision processes.


Create a network organization, web based, that facilitates individual intitives and projects that engage the first three objectives.


The Gaia project is not a lobby or an interest group - it is a social feedback mechanism.

The planet is strong. It does not need to be “protected.” The issue is not economics or ecology. Gaia can give and take and co-evolve. All she needs is a voice and the ability to participate. Since we have a scale issue, it is proposed this participation can be accomplished by objective representation.

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Matt Taylor
December 17, 2004


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