the Making, Ownership and Use of navCenters
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how to conceive and realize a new armature for creative work
The Taylor System and Method is an OS for Agents of all kinds with a specific focus on how intelligent agents interact, collaborate and create value. A navCenter is an environment wherein this OS is embedded in every aspect of the physical place and the processes which take place within it. This environment is designed to augment human capability from the inception of an idea to the completion of it as a realized result. In our world today, this means that in addition to individual creativity, small team and group collaboration, very large scale interactions across organizational structures of all kinds are required. The major issues of our time are systemic and global - solutions have to work despite the many boundaries the industrial era has put in place.
This new complexity also means projects have much longer life cycles even when they are executed swiftly. Connections to other projects requires knowledge-bases to remain active much longer. The navCenter as “mind of the organization” has to extend out into the greater ValueWeb of which it is a part.
Every navCenter has to fit, on the local level of recursion, an unique set of circumstances: place, time, ownership mission, cultural setting. Without compromising either, the navCenter has to function effectively locally and globally. It is this capability which makes a large portion of its ultimate value.
The installation of the OS is a three step process: First, the System and Method has to be practiced into place. This is usually done by addressing the immediate issues of the organization. Second, the navCenter has to begin the process of connecting to its ValueWeb. This also begins with establishing those nodes which are critical to the immediate work at hand and progresses carefully to a far greater reach. Third, once the Method is known, a return from the first projects accomplished and the ValueWeb developed beyond the nascent stage, the final step of the install is to reinvent the specific practice of the process to achieve maximum fitness of method, organization and circumstance merging the THERE with HERE. It is critical that these steps are not commingled.
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