the Making, Ownership and Use of navCenters
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A properly designed, built, equipped and operated navCenter offers the best ROI that can be ethically and legally gained - on a sustainable basis - compared to any I know. navCenters are creativity and innovation engines. They can leverage and lift an entire organization and its ValueWeb as a whole system and do so in an incredibly short period of time. Whatever the wealth of the enterprise is at any moment can be multiplied many times. Wealth in this context is far more than mere financial wealth - which is only one form of wealth - it includes all aspects which leads to financial wealth and follows from it.
Money, as one measure of wealth, is an important tool. Yet, the greater things cannot be measured by money. What is the value of a healthy planet? Or, a life well lived? The value of a transformation cannot be measured as can the assets of Apple Corporation as they may be on September 16, 2010. So, we evaluate the financial aspects of a navCenter in two ways. One is on the economic value of ROI and measurable wealth produced. The other by transformation of the system in play.
Transformation is not measurable as it involves the gap between one state and another. It can be experience. It can be seen. Once a new state has formed, there will be new means by which to evaluate it. Complex systems, however, are not easily understood and never subject to external management. They can be engaged but not controlled. If controlled from without, complexity thus viability is lost. Control has to be build into the architecture of the system itself. This is true for every human. It is true for a community of KnowledgeWorkers who steward a navCenter.
Here is the paradox. We find that it is the organizations who do not measure and require traditional economic performance from their navCenters who are prone to lose or destroy them. I do not mean by this Management insisting that the navCenter stay within an arbitrary budget set from outside its own governance process. I mean when navCenters are not allowed to operate by sound economic principles they lose one of the key feedback loops necessary for their stability.
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