MG Taylor

Enterprise Restructuring


At the beginning of March, 2002, after 9 months of planning, the MG Taylor Corporation has started the process of a complete reorganization and financial restructuring.


This process will be formally initiated at the April 6, “Stakeholders” meeting to be held at the Palo Alto knOwhere Store. At this meeting, All members of the MG Taylor ValueWeb will be presented with details of the plan.


Stockholders and Board Meetings will follow the general session which is open to Investors, Creditors, Clients and producer members of the MG Taylor community and MG Taylor, AI and knOwhere Business Units.






The MG Taylor Enterprise was started in the Fall of 1979 after about 5 years of research on and testing of the assumptions that make up the theory and practice of the effort.



ValueWeb Architecture



The ValueWeb as a mature concept emerged out of the 23 years of MG Taylor experience, however, the basic premise of a “network economy” was at the root of the enterprise concept from the beginning.


The essence of the “reorganization” of the MG Taylor Corporations is taking the final step to becoming a true ValueWeb Enterprise.



Conversion Process



The conversion process will start after the April meeting and will continue through the second quarter of 2002. MG Taylor, AI and knOwhere have been operating in a highly integrated way since the beginning of 2002.



MG Taylor Focus



MG Taylor has compiled over the years a significant Body of Knowledge regarding work methods, collaboration, work environments and the configuration and uses of technology to augment knowledge work and “Group Genius.” At the moment, this knowledge is distributed among the MG Taylor Business Units, iterations and several individuals. In the reorganization, this will be pulled together into systematic IP to be developed, licensed, transferred and published in a variety of forms as the main focus of the MG Taylor. In addition, MG Taylor will function as the Systems Integrator (SI) of a ValueWeb of Investors, Producers and users who will take the MG Taylor system and methods to scale employing many products, services and enterprise structures.






The MG Taylor has gained in the last several years a forceful position in the fields related to ValueWebs, collaborative process, creative and flexible work environments and leveraging technology. A License was granted, in 2001, for the Taylor System and Method and several applications are filed that will add to this position.






The MG Taylor has a long history. It has achieved proof of concept of regarding how to transform traditional organizations to flexible, productive, adaptable 21st Century enterprises. MG Taylor has earned over $50 million in revenues doing this and spent about 10% more learning how to do it. While project profitability has long been achieved, enterprise profitability has not. The greatest challenge to this goal has been the complexity of incubating products and services across so broad a range and the conflicts associated with “competing” with enterprise partners. In addition, the ValueWeb concept was far too nascent an idea to become operational before now. The going maturity of the MG Taylor nascent ValueWeb and the evolution of the market place now presents an opportunity to create a profitable enterprise able to achieve the goal of ubiquity of a new way of working.



Matt Taylor
Palo Alto
March 1, 2002

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posted: March 1, 2002

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