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Hand Drawn Notebook Pages
In parallel with these web pages, I have been making entries, related to the postUsonian project, in my hand drawn Notebooks. These are listed below. The concept that I will develop as a candidate for UsonianOne came into focus in these pages. It is far easier to design with a site in mind so I stared with the Elsewhere property [link]. Page 489, which contains the first sketch of an Elsewhere-postUsonian solution, is accordingly, used as the masthead for this URL. In actuality, as I develop the plans further to meet my mid September objective [link], I intend to use the Tillers [link] Project land as the site. This is an ideal location for a postUsonian for historical, and regional reasons and because of the project, itself, that the Tillers organization has taken on [link].
The concept that has evolved is not the only way to meet the postUsonian criteria that I have established. It is also on the upper end of complexity and most likely - at least at first - too costly for the majority of buyers. Once the complexity and manufacturing issues are solved, however, this design approach may actually yield complexity-cost reduction benefits. Even as a prototype, it can deliver many benefits and lead to environments that will be highly adaptable to a variety of sites and situations. It is, essentially, a suspended boat hull cantilevered above the ground. This structural schema has many advantages and the resulting configuration is tightly integrated: form, structure, utility, finish are one to a degree usually only accomplished in vehicles and industrial products not architecture that can be owner field built as well as shop manufactured. Spaces, with this concept, are adaptable to a variety of different uses that can cover the full range of family and home office demands.
Schemas, both more “traditional” and “advanced” in their footprint and structural/mechanical configuration will have to explored in order to investigate the full range of the postUsonian potential. It is expected that these different approaches will inform on another and also lead to interesting combinations. This will be possible because of the unity of philosophy, Pattern language principles and key grammatical elements that make the core of the project. Scott Arenz and Matt Fulvio are also developing their own designs with this deadline in mind. This approach is expected to generate a greater degree of variety than would otherwise result if this project was initially approached through the narrower lens of one design. After September, we will most like pick on or some combination and pursue a single design to get to prototype.

It is interesting to note the different character of documentation between the web site and hand drawn Notebooks. Different kinds of ideas come “out” in a different way in these two media. This is a factor of the media itself and my habits in regard when I use one or the other. Computers, as portable and easy to use as they have become, require the organization of batteries, cords and still require a work surface of some size. A hand drawn notebook is much more portable and and can be picked up and put down much easier. It is a far more tactile media. Graphics and sketches are easier. The physical mechanics of making are very different between hand and electronic. This means that the thought processes are different with each having intrinsic advantages and disadvantages. A hand process “draws” ideas out at a different rate and in a different way. I use it more when traveling, in waiting rooms, at restaurant and when sitting in bed although I use the laptop with these environments as well. The context set by these environments, and the time of day associated with their use, brings a different mental set to bear on the work. Their ambiance and the fact they range from public to private brings different nuances to bear. All this will show up in the work. The computer, also, has advantages. Posting to the web or transferring a document is much quicker and far less labor intensive. Many software tools can be brought into play much faster. The migration to a final document is faster. It can be added to, corrected and modified. These factor, also, are not neutral but effect the way work is approached.

The hand drawn pages below are listed in reverse chronological order so that the story is told “backwards.”


postUsonian Project
UsonianOne Design

link: full screen view


postUsonian Deadline
Economics of Building
Studio: Two Years

link: full screen view


Key Factors
Primary Message
“Middle Class”

link: full screen view


Elsewhere Studio

Section Grammar

link: full screen view


Elsewhere Studio

link: full screen view


Key Elements
Recursion Levels
Earth as ART

link: full screen view


21st Century Worker
Architecture as ART

link: full screen view

[not yet scanned]


Usonian House
Realization Process
Rules of Engagement

link: full screen view

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Matt Taylor
August 28, 2004


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August 28, 2004

revised August 29, 2004
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(note: this document is about 60% finished)

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