postUsonian Project
The strategy, as of now, is necessarily from the view point of MG Taylor as Systems Integrator [link] and it’s associated companies [link] which make up the existing production capability.
The strategy emanates from the fact that the organizational intent and the ability to both design and build is already in place. As is always the case with MG Taylor, this capacity will be used to launch the project but not scale with it [link]. A ValueWeb will be created to do this.
The essence of the strategy is to employ the ValueWeb organizational architecture and the MG Taylor process methods including PatchWorks meta-processes to do rapid prototyping of projects that will both exemplify and test the entire Design/Build/Use system while preserving capital by building equity in a succession of properties [link].
By keeping the ValueWeb networks in balance, the market will grow organically and seek its own character and level. This way investments will not be made based on false expectations. The ultimate form of the business will emerge as the market does. How this sorts out will happen by a set of algorithms which will be established in the beginning. These rules will include the rules for how the rules will be changed over time [link].
The strategy is not to chase an existing market nor to attack any entrenched position. The strategy is to develop a market out of resources, people and opportunities that, today, are not being served by anyone. This starts with education [link]; letting people know that they exist and that they indeed are not being offered what they truly want. The essence of this selection process is to create a means - by individual self-selection - by which those that truly do not belong in this market stay out of it. It is assumed that this market - nascent ValueWeb - is highly distributed and that none of the existing geographic nodes make up at this time a significant critical mass but that several will in time. Therefore, Internet technology will be used from the beginning to reach and organize this potential into a self-aware ENTERPRISE and the productions system will be designed from the beginning to have both centralized and distributed capabilities [link].
The postUsonian, as a PRODUCT, will be radical. The economics of the postUsonian Project will be conservative based on real estate development practices designed to minimize risk due to market fluctuations and to build equity over time [link].
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Matt Taylor
May 22, 2004


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posted May 22, 2004

revised May 31, 2004
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(note: this document is about 15% finished)

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